Types of Roofs for Homes

When looking for a roofing design for your home, you will be spoilt for choice. There are so many roofing designs available out there, and the choice is yours. The roof types for homes you decide to install will depend on various factors such as maintenance and the overall architectural design.There are some of the unique architectural designs that only go well with a specify roof design. When you finally settle for a roofing design make sure that you go for someone who understands the design to avoid disappointments. A qualified roofer will always give you quality output.

Understanding different types of home roofs

Flat roof designdjhfjshfjshfks

Just like the name suggest the roof design is completely flat. This is one of the most basic roof designs and although preferred commercially, people still use it as a roof home design. The construction of this type of roof is very basic, and it is one of the easiest roofs to construct.

People who like standing on their roof once in a while are likely to prefer this kind of roof. However, there is a downside when it comes to this roof design. This is the hardest roof to maintain because all dirt accumulates on the roof since there is no slope to allow dirt to fall.

Pyramid roof design

A pyramid roof design takes the design of the Egyptian well-known pyramids. It has two sloping roofs that meet at the center to form a peak at the top of the roof. This roof design is very tricky and cannot be used in any house design. For the roof design to come out well, it must be used in a small house. Otherwise, it will look ridiculous. For instance, you can use this design in a farm house or make it part of the garage design.

Hip roof desijvxbvxncvbnxbvcxnvgn

This is a combination of the pyramid roof design plus the flat roof design. This design is not as sloppy as the pyramid roof design while at the same time it is not very flat either. For instance, in a house with four corners, we will have the four roofs sloping towards the center.

The trick comes in where the four sides meet. Unlike in a pyramid roof where the roof sides form a peak, in a hip design, the four sides meet in a flat area which is still part of the roof. This is a very stylish but a complicated roof to design.

Why You Need to Renovate Your Bathroom


A home should be a comfortable and healthy place to live. Thus, it is imperative to design it according to your individual tastes and preferences. Besides, it is also acceptable that with time, some variables that might necessitate the need for change. These include a shift in the owner’s preferences components or the need to make some adjustment to accommodate some special needs. As such, such instances might necessitate havingdcSFEFRQGdsghsDCq a complete renovation exercise.

Bathrooms are among the smallest and yet the most important rooms in our homes. Besides, they can also be the most difficult to renovate. As such, whenever you need to renovate your bathrooms, it is advisable to contact a professional Installateur Wien. When renovating your bathroom, you will realize that they are numerous design options, color schemes, and furniture that can be added to your old bathroom and make it look. These options can pose a significant challenge, particularly when you are making a decision of such magnitude for the first time. The need to renovate your bathroom is justified by the presence of the following key indicators.

Key Pointers

Feeling Unsafe

There is that is a feeling when you walk into a bathroom or any other room. The moment you walk into a well-kept bathroom, you automatically feel inspired to have your shower. When this is not the case, then your bathroom could be unsafe for you and your family members. When you bathroom is no longer the safe and aesthetically appealing place it used to be, them it’s high time you made a renovation.

Changing Family needs

This is usually a vital consideration for individuals with young families. As such, you might be expecting a new member or your children might have outgrown your old bathroom. For instance, families with smaller kids might require and expansion for more bath time and fun. As such, these varying needs might necessitate a change of design to accommodate them.


acir;fkccsEven if there is a nothing wrong with the fixtures and general functionality of your bathroom, it is advisable to consider having a face lift. This will give your bathroom a new breath of life and simultaneously improve the value of your home. It is not mandatory to have a complete makeover, even some minor additions, and partial renovations can do the trick.

In case you have are not satisfied or in doubt whether your bathroom is not as good as it should be, the chances are that you need to renovate it.

Sure Home Security Tips


Everyone loves a safe home. A home, being that place that we all retire to should not only be comfortable to live in but safe. Well, it is, therefore, imperative to devise to devise some security measures aimed at keeping you and your loved ones safe from malicious persons. A feeling of safety is critical. With no safety, nothing can seem right. As you purpose to secure your home, there are certain critical elements that every homeowner should look into.


Home Safety Tips

Fix Your Doorbell. Well, different burglars use difhnjm236edt52twu28ferent approaches to gain access to your home. Some use force whereas others takes advantage of defective doorbell system. Ideally, those that use doorbell impersonate sales persons and come ringing doorbells looking for someone that will offer them easy access into their home. If the burglar rings the doorbell on several occasions with no answer, they may conclude the house is empty and break in. In case the answered doorbell is attributed to a defect, do yourself an a favour and repair the doorbell.

Use Surveillance Cameras

Surveillance cameras are a very important security measure. For homeowners with a security system, these cameras are an invaluable asset. According to security experts, the sight of a camera in any home scares burglars most. Ideally, they usually have no ide if it’s recording, this scares them as there would be evidence of them vandalising them.

Secure Your French Doors

Most homeowners prefer French door because of their aesthetics and the facelift they offer their home. Unfortunately, their simple glass design attracts a list of security concerns. French doors provide an easy entry point for burglars and other malicious persons. In this regard, do not trust the factory locks that come with these units, some of them can be vandalised quickly. Instead, invest in the quality lock from the local locksmith.

Buy A Dog

Surprisingly, thjm2wts52t6sy72u82he sight of a dog surprises many burglars. In this regard, one should consider acquiring a trained dog since they cannot be placated with some delicacies. Alternatively, you can buy a YIP YAP (small noisy dogs) since handouts do not easily sway them from strangers. Besides, these dogs will never stop barking when they see a stranger.

Well, the above tips can help you keep burglars at bay. Besides the above tips, you can consider investing in a fool proof security system. Moreover, a 24.7 alarm monitoring unit offers you additional eyes and ears just in case a burglars decide to attack.

What You Should Know About Bespoke Bathrooms


The bathroom is considered as one of the essential rooms in a household due to the nature of its use. Initially, conventional bathroom designs were minimalistic in nature with the most basic of designs. However, the modern day lifestyle has brought about a revolution in the world of bathrooms with bespoke bathrooms: custom made bathrooms, being the latest craze. For individuals who might wish to have bespoke bathrooms installed in their homes, the following overview of what you should know about bespoke bathrooms and factors to consider when selecting bespoke bathroom features might come in handy



The theme is perhaps one of the most notable factors that come into play when designing a bespoke bathroom. As a rule, all the fixtures within a bathroom should be able to complement each other so as to bring out the desired theme and given this, the theme you wish to create will play a major role in the selection of bathroom fixtures


The color is another important factor that should be considered when creating a bespoke bathroom. Your color selection will most obviously go hand in hand with the theme, but it is also important to be aware of the impact certain colors have on a room. As a guideline, bright colors tend to make a room look larger while dark colors make a room look much smaller. As such, you should consider the size of your bathroom before making your choice of color or most specifically, theme


Fittings also feature prominently on things to consider when making a bespoke bathroom. As a norm, normal bathroom fixtures are considered as a baseline for design, but an individual has the option of adding in more fittings based on preference. Body size mirrors, Audio and TV systems, walk in bathtubs, and even Jacuzzi are some of the additional fittings an individual can opt to have

Bathroom tiles

Bathroom tilhnjmk25x6y27ux8es selection is also very important when it comes to bespoke bathrooms. Bathroom tiles are available in a wide range of materials with the most popular being ceramic and granite. Modern day bathroom tiles are available in hundreds of designs and patterns and as such, you have a broad range of options from which you can choose from


Lighting also features prominently in what you should know about bespoke bathrooms. You have two options when it comes to lighting; you can choose to have a conventional bathroom lighting system or better still, go for a mood light system