Ultimate guide when choosing baby monitors

baby monitor

For couples either expecting a baby or already have a baby, having a baby monitor is a high consideration as it leaves parents with peace of mind knowing their little baby is sound asleep. Little babies are very fragile as they can not do anything by themselves and so they do need extra care. We all know that parenting is not a walk in the pack and having to incur costs on anything as long as your child is safe is very important.

A baby alarm or monitor is an electronic device that transmits movements and sounds made by an infant remotely. Most parents hardly share rooms with their infants and so a baby monitor acts as a watcher of the baby to get the babies real-time progress. Due to their many brands and features, it is a very difficult task to select a baby monitor. The ultimate guide when choosing the best dual baby monitor include;

The range of the monitors

range of the monitors

The range is mostly displayed on the package. However, the displayed ranges tend to be misleading as the displayed figures were written after the devices were tested in open-air places without distractions. In a closed house situation where we may have lots of rooms acting as transmission barriers, the stated range would not be that effective. Most notably consider the indoor range that entails the separating walls, doors, electrical wirings and furniture. If the distance between your room and the babies will be long, then consider monitors with good and clear internal range signal.


Since we have got different sets of baby monitors, they vary in functionality, high-definition imaging, wireless network compatibility and multiple handsets feature. The more you critically look and consider the quality features, the more you will have to part with your hard-earned money. Anyway, what is wrong to deeply spend on an item that promotes the safety of your infant?

Type of the monitor. We have:

  • Sound baby monitor which have got the best audio range.
  • Video baby monitor that transmit both audio and images as they are equipped with inbuilt microphone and camera
  • Motion monitor that uses sensors to detect baby movements.

Features of the monitor


Typically every home has got its own distractions and whatever your monitor is transmitting be it, audio, images or movements, it is necessary to ensure the monitor is able to take care of the available distractions. The features to consider may be the screen size, night vision, sound and motion sensors and the temperature sensors.