Top Benefits of Condo Living

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Condos are becoming more popular as time goes by, judging from the ever-increasing demand. Currently, living in condos is a hot trend, particularly in urban areas. The increased popularity of condo living is brought about by the numerous benefits that come with it. Some of the top benefits of condo living are highlighted below.

You Enjoy Modern Amenities

Condos, such as those expected to come up at the Clavon site, usually have an array of amenities that you can utilize. Such include pools, party rooms, kids’ playgrounds, and gyms, among others. The best part is that you pay only a fraction of the amount needed for maintaining those amenities as all members of that condo community contribute to it. To benefit the most from the condo amenities, choose a condo that has only the facilities that are of interest to you.

No Maintenance Duties

Maintenance of a home can be quite hectic and time-consuming. When living in a condo, you do not have to worry about all that. Maintenance is usually covered in the association fees, which means that you do not have to do any maintenance around your home.

Increased Security

Another benefit of condo living is high security. Condos usually have security personnel guarding the entire condo apartment. Having neighbors nearby is also a form of protection in itself. It is difficult for any crime to take place without the neighbors noticing and alerting the relevant authority.

Best Location

Condominiums are usually constructed in the most strategic places, typically around the major towns and cities. Some are even located within the city centers. A strategic location means that you can get to the places you visit regularly fast and cheaply. No more spending long hours in traffic when going to work or going back home.condo units

Property Value Appreciation

As mentioned earlier, the demand for condos is continuously increasing. That means that the prices are also appreciating. That makes condos a worthwhile investment. You get to enjoy living luxuriously, while the value of your home continues to increase.

Strengthens Social Connections

When living in a condo, you will have numerous opportunities to meet and interact with your neighbors, such as when using the shared condo amenities. Socializing with neighbors often will give you a sense of belonging and improve your social life. Most people living in the same condo apartment are usually of the same social and financial class, which means that you are likely to get along quite nicely.

Successful Gardening Tips Without Lawn

building made from bricks

Living in an apartment or a condominium has been one alternative way of living that many people are unable to ignore these days. The significantly increasing number of such residents for the past ten years proves the impacts that the buildings have on the lives and choices of many people, making it one commodity with the most enthusiasts compared to the conservative way of housing.

similar windows in the same apartment building

For that reason, thousands of new designs have been brought to pages to support those who opt to live in the buildings. This includes the information about homesteading that the people conventionally do in a concrete house with a lawn. It is true that the absence of grassy lawn should never be an obstacle for those who want to have a self-sustaining residence. By following these tips, you can also be a successful gardener despite the lack of land in your apartment.


micro-greens planted in the gaps of planting bedWhen you think that the building you live in is too dense to put another stuff, you might start to consider abandoning the idea of having your mini lawn in the residence. However, you do not need to cancel all the gardening plans at all that you might lose your passion. One genius alternative way is to grow microgreens instead of the regular plants. The choices of micro-seeds are pretty much everywhere that you can have your own extended lists of what to plant.

One benefit of gardening this way is that it uses up only one-third of the total space you will need when you set up the regular planting beds. Thus, you can save much space in your apartment and still be able to enjoy the freshest greens from your super-mini garden. Another advantage of gardening this way is that it only needs some good trays, fertilized soil, and the micro-seeds.

Raised Beds

Several blocks of bricks or wooden plank, a sack of fertilized soil, and seeds of plants you want to grow will be an excellent starter to start gardening in your condo. After all those materials are ready in your hand, you can begin the next step by choosing the potential lawn for your raised beds. One thing worth noting, selecting an area with sunlight will be an excellent choice. Therefore, the balcony ranks first among all other areas of the building.