Various Parts of a Home and How to Maintain Them


House maintenance is an elaborate art although many looks at it from a different perspective. This could be because household chores are daily activities that people attend to without second thought of their influence on an individual’s lifestyle. The chores are also diverse since they include cooking, laundry, cleaning and payment of bills as well as repair and maintenance stints.

Bedroom maintenance

Home bedroomA typical home layout consists of various parts that one can’t maintain at a single swing of a hammer or a cleaning sponge. For optimum results, craft a systemic approach. Start with a specific part. Home cleaning experts note that you should always start from the furthest corner in the furthest end of the room. The bedroom is usually the innermost part of any house and it can be maintained by regular cleaning to deal with dust build-up problems.

Note that dust can speed up furniture aging and weaken parts of the room that feature fabric interior decor materials. This lowers your bedroom’s level of comfort, forcing you to prefer your couch to your bed. Before you know it, it is the part of the house that you rarely walk into. This also subjects it to door and window frames to deterioration which you can avoid by applying a fresh coat of paint whenever their luster fades off. The same should be done to the bedroom furniture and fittings, the ceiling and the floor.

The living room

Ironically, people spend more time in their bedrooms than they do in their living rooms. The living room is, however, the most pampered part of the house but maintaining its color and ambiance can be a challenge. Overcome these by painting its walls, windows and doors regularly in addition to attending to its aesthetic feature.

Find ways to eradicate destructive insects such as termites that eat up its wooden treasures. Change the curtains regularly and dust off the seats as well as the carpet. Apply the use of cleaning detergents that aren’t corrosive in nature as this preserves your living room’s color and ambiance irrespective of the number of times that you may choose to clean it.

Other parts of the house

Your kitchen is as valuable as your bathroom. Note that these are the two parts of the house with more wet surfaces. The build-up of molds is, therefore, a common feature of neglected kitchens and bathrooms. Germ-killing disinfectants should be used regularly when cleaning them. Broken sinks and leaking pipe problems are best fixed promptly as they can bring structural weakness problems to the entire house and eyesores that result from peeled off paints.

Don’t forget the lawn

home lawnYour lawn reflects your personality. Grass grooming, tree and fence trimming, kitchen garden face lifts and the installation of automated irrigation systems should always be slotted into your list of home maintenance activities. Those who embrace this notion appreciate the benefits of hiring a home maintenance expert to help you with the entire affair, from start to finish, at affordable rates.