Reasons Acrylic Shower Panels are Gaining Popularity Fast with Homeowners

Acrylic Shower Panels

Acrylic shower panels are becoming a huge hit for homeowners who are building new bathrooms or renovating older ones. It is not without reason as they offer a clean and seamless look that is available in different colors, styles, textures and patterns, allowing a person to work with the one they feel suit their space best.

They are particularly ideal for individuals who want an exclusive look that will not be found in any other bathroom as custom panels are also available easily. The acrylic shower panels are gaining popularity day in day out. All one has to do is find a reputable company that sells them, and you are good to go. Other reasons why the panels are loved include:


Easy and fast installation

The installation of acrylic panels is quite quick and easy which means that you will not have to wait a decade before Acrylic Shower Panels you can start enjoying a lustrous new shower. At most it would only take one day. People who enjoy DIY projects are in luck with the acrylic shower panels as they do not need any specialist intervention since they can put them up without any complications on their own.

A majority of the companies that sell them offer helpful fitting instructions that you can follow with ease as well as a phone line that can be used to contact them in case you face any problems in the process. It also implies that you can end up saving a lot since you do not have any installation costs to cover. However, if you feel like you are not up to the task, a professional can be called in to help you out.

Available in different sizes

Acrylic shower panels are available in both bespoke and standard sizes. The standard sizes are ideal for people whose bathrooms are a complete square with 90 degrees corners. The bespoke sizes, on the other hand, come in handy for people who may need different sizes so that they can fit perfectly in the room without looking out of place.

Cleaning and maintenance

 Acrylic Shower PanelsThe acrylic panels do not require a lot when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. To keep it clean, all that is needed is a quick wipe using a damp cloth. Mixing equal parts of water and vinegar or using an approved acrylic cleaner can help to rid of dirt build up and stubborn stains. It is important to note that high-quality acrylic shower panels offer enhanced resistance to scratches which keeps them in great shape for many years.