Why The Reef King’s Dock is a Great Resident

a house in the reef king's dock

The transformation of Keppel Bay into an ultra-modern residential area is undeniable. A few years ago, no one could have believed that this area would bear the best apartments, condos, etc. However, it now ranks among the best and most magnificent residential areas in Singapore. Some of its best qualities include proximity to the southern shores of Singapore. It means you can wake up in the morning and drink coffee while enjoying a spectacular ocean view. Anyone who visits The Reef King’s Dock¬†wants a piece of it.

So, why is this locality a great resident for those who want to enjoy life?


amenitiesWhen it comes to social amenities, the Reef King’s Dock has got it all. It only takes a few minutes to get to the city. This means that you have access to the best schools, hospitals, and shopping centers. As if that’s not enough, this location gives you access to the Central District areas and the West Coast.

View of the sea

residential area with beachThe Reef King’s Dock is not an average residential area. Anyone who owns property here feels like they are on holiday. Most apartments overlook the magnificent view of the sea. When you step out to your balcony, you’ll not only be catching a fresh breath of air but also a cool breeze.

There is a lot to enjoy as you scan the sea from afar. Additionally, it is a quiet residential area that makes it quite friendly for a family. When you move to this area, you will undoubtedly reward your children with the homely environment.

Unique district

Unlike other standard residential areas, the Reef King’s Dock is in the much desired District 04. The location is best known for its exquisite properties. Residents can stroll to the best malls and eateries at any time of the day. Public transport is also not a problem.Vivocity MRT station is within reach. And this means you can make your way to various destinations within and even the city’s outskirts. In this district, getting everything your family needs, be it groceries or clothes, is super easy. You don’t need to travel out of this area to look for a particular item.

Finding the right residential property for you and your loved ones comes with different challenges. If you are a family person, you probably need to live close to the gym or sports club. Children want an exciting and safe estate. You or your spouse may want to rush to the shopping center and grab something quickly. The Reef King’s Dock has something for everyone.